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Women’s Soccer in Greece

epoWomen’s soccer first began in 1979 and grew unofficially until 1990 when the first official championship was organized by the Hellenic Soccer Federation (EPO). Its history can be divided into three periods:

1st Period (1979 -1982)

Olympias, the first women’s club was established in Thessaloniki in September 1979. Soon afterwards, Olympias Kyfisias was established in Athens. Following that, by 1982 twelve more clubs had been established, of which the most important were Panathinaikos and Thessaloniki 80.

2nd Period (1984 -1989)

The number of clubs grew to 17 and informal friendly matches were held among them. In 1987 an unofficial country-wide tournament was held in Thessaloniki, with the participation of 12 clubs, which was won by ΑΟ Ilioupolis from Thessaloniki. In the same year, tournaments were held in Crete and northern Greece. The clubs were officially recognized by EPO in 1988, and cards were issued for the footballers.

3rd Period (1990 – present day)

Official country-wide championships have been organized and the National Women’s Team was founded (1990) followed by the National Team U-19  (1997) and the U-17 (2006). At present, there are over 50 women’s clubs and the number of footballers, including the ones in academies, is estimated to 2,500.


All women’s soccer clubs in Greece are amateur, and are organised in the following three divisions:

The First Division (A Ethniki) comprises 13 teams which compete nationally. The championship usually starts in the middle of October and finishes in May.

The Second Division is subdivided into two groups (Northern and Southern Greece) of six teams each.

The Third Division comprises four regional groups of four teams each.

Women’s National Team

The Hellenic National Women’s Soccer Team faced Italy in its first official friendly away match in Viterbo (Italy), on 3/7/1991. The Italian team, which had a history of at least years, won an easy victory (6-0).
A few months later, the Hellenic team had its first official match in the qualifying rounds of EURO 1993, against the Rumanian team, which was also newly formed but much better prepared, as they had taken part in 10 international friendly matches in the preceding 11 months. In the match, which took place in Edessa on 10/11/1991 the Hellenic team achieved a draw (0-0).

Coach:  Koutsakis Vaggelis

Notable moments:
The national team was awarded the Fair Play Award in Algarve Cup 2004.

Biggest Home Win:
Greece – Armenia 7-0 EURO 2004 qualifying rounds Livadeia 25/10/2003

Worst Home Defeat:
Greece – Hungary 0-8 EURO qualifying rounds 2001 Katerini 2/10/1999

Biggest Away Win:
Moldavia – Greece 0-3 WWC qualifying rounds 2003 Moldavia 18/5/2002

Worst Away Defeat:
Iceland – Greece 7-0 EURO qualifying rounds 2009 Reykjavik 26/06/2008

Most caps:
Maria Lazarou  is the most capped footballer in the national team (111).

Top goalscorer
Maria Lazarou  26

Top goalscorer in a single match:
Dimitra Panteliadou (PAOK) 4 Armenia – Greece 0-9 (EURO 2004 qualifying rounds, 28/10/2003)

For the translation many thanks to Achilleas Kostoulas, a friend of women’s soccer.